New service for researchers to access compute, storage and application services

New service, titled ‘Applications On Demand Service’ is now available by the European Grid Infrastructure (EGI). The service is specifically designed for individual researchers, small research teams and early phase research infrastructures that do not have dedicated computational and storage resources, online applications and science gateways to perform scientific data analysis.

The service is available at Lightweight registration and user identity vetting process allows user-friendly access to a growing number of scientific applications (currently 17) and application hosting frameworks (science gateways, VREs) that are configured to use the dedicated pool of cloud computing and HTC clusters from EGI. The service operates as an open and extensible ‘hub’ for providers and e-infrastructure user support teams who wish to be federated and share applications and services with individual researchers, or small, fragmented communities, typically referred to as ‘the long tail of science’.

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