Environmental research infrastructures provide a wide range of high-quality services

Data Services

  • Open and FAIR environmental in situ data from the four domains of the Earth system
  • Data offered through specific RI data portals and soon also through one ENVRI-hub interface integrated in the European Open Science Cloud
  • Elaborated data products

Access Services

  • Physical, remote and virtual access to:
    – Observational and exploratory platforms
    – Experimental facilities
    – Scientific resources (e.g. samples, specimen, etc.)

Computational Services

  • Virtual research environments
  • Data visualization tools
  • Modeling platforms
  • data analysis tools and software

Support Services

  • Education and training
  • Support for research design and planning
  • Other practical services

In the future access to these services will be through the central ENVRI-hub. In the meantime, to find out more about the different services provided by the different RIs, go to the Research Infrastructure page.