The ENVRI community is a community of Environmental Research Infrastructures, projects, networks and other diverse stakeholders interested in environmental Research Infrastructure matters.

Although very diverse, all the Research Infrastructures share the same challenges, both in their constructions and operations. The ENVRI community thus encourages and facilitates a joint work to develop the synergies, to harmonise the Research Infrastructure landscape, products and services as well as to share the best practices. The ultimate goal of ENVRI community is to enable the multidisciplinary Earth system science.


EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF) 2020

WHAT IS ESOF? The EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF) is a biennial, pan-European, general science conference dedicated to scientific research and innovation. Each conference aims to deliver stimulating content and lively debate around the latest advancements and discoveries in the sciences, humanities and social sciences. ESOF brings together over 4,500 leading thinkers, innovators, policy makers, journalists and educators … Continue reading EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF) 2020

Save the date: International FAIR Convergence Symposium & CODATA General Assembly

Please save the date for the International FAIR Convergence Symposium convened by CODATA and GO FAIR on October 22-23 2020; followed by the CODATA General Assembly, 24 October 2020. Where: Paris, France Venue: TBC The International FAIR Convergence Symposium will provide a forum for advancing international and cross-domain convergence around FAIR. The event will bring together a … Continue reading Save the date: International FAIR Convergence Symposium & CODATA General Assembly

EOSC-hub week 2020

The EOSC-hub week 2020 will take place in Karlsruhe, Germany/ More details on the event will follow soon on this page https://eosc-hub.eu/events/eosc-hub-week-2020


ENVRI is a community of 26 environmental and Earth system research infrastructures


We have started to work together already in 2011 and we hope we will cooperate for many years to come


So far 3 cluster projects, funded by the EU, supported the collaboration among the ENVRI research infrastructures


We deliver in situ data from the inner core of the Earth, through the oceans & terrestrial ecosystems up to the highest layers of the atmosphere