Planet Earth is like a puzzle. Beautifully complicated. Interconnected. And just like you need to understand how the puzzle works to solve it, we need to know how the Earth system works to respond to all the challenges our planet faces.

ENVRI is a community of environmental Research infrastructures working together to observe the Earth as one system. We collaborate so we can provide environmental data, tools, and other services that are Open and FAIR, and can be easily used by anyone for free.


Latin America – Europe Symposium on Research Infrastructures

The RI-VIS Latin America – Europe Symposium will be held between Tuesday, June 15th and Thursday, June 17th 2021, as a virtual event. It is free to attend, but registration is needed.

ENVRI-FAIR at the EOSC Symposium 2021

EOSC Symposium 2021 “Implementing an inclusive European Open Science Cloud” An integral part of the EOSC Stakeholder Forum The European Open Science Cloud has finally entered its highly-anticipated implementation phase. The EOSC Symposium will provide a key engagement opportunity for the EOSC community. The foundation of the EOSC Association in 2020 is a key element … Continue reading ENVRI-FAIR at the EOSC Symposium 2021

Open to all: ESFRI Science Clusters’ Long Term Commitments to Open Science Online Workshop

Online on 11 June 2021, this workshop aims at addressing potential sustainable actions to consolidate the cluster work programmes as well as presenting to the European Commission, ESFRI and the EOSC Association a longer-term vision to support the uptake of Open Science by the global scientific community.
The Science Clusters, ENVRI-FAIR, EOSC-Life, ESCAPE, PANOSC and SSHOC, are EU collaborative projects that were launched in 2019 to link ESFRIs and other world-class Research Infrastructures (RIs) to the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).


ENVRI is a community of 26 environmental and Earth system research infrastructures


We have started to work together already in 2011 and we hope we will cooperate for many years to come


So far 3 cluster projects, funded by the EU, supported the collaboration among the ENVRI research infrastructures


We advance our knowledge of 4 different but interlinked components - air, water, life and land - aiming at holistic understanding of our Earth