Welcome to the ENVRI Community Projects page, your gateway to understanding the transformative initiatives driving environmental research and innovation. The ENVRI Community, encompassing a series of collaborative projects, has been instrumental in advancing our understanding of the Earth’s environment through cutting-edge research and infrastructure development.

Key ENVRI Projects:

  • ENVRI (2011-2014): The foundational project that established a strong network of European environmental research infrastructures, setting the stage for future collaborative efforts.
  • ENVRIplus (2015-2019): Building on the success of ENVRI, this project aimed to integrate and enhance the capabilities of the environmental research infrastructures, fostering a more cohesive and effective community.
  • ENVRI-FAIR (2019-2023): Focused on aligning the data management practices of environmental research infrastructures with the principles of FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable), this project significantly improved data sharing and accessibility.
  • ENVRINNOV (2024-2027): An initiative dedicated to fostering innovation within the environmental research community. ENVRINNOV aims to leverage new technologies and methodologies to address emerging environmental challenges.
  • ENVRI-Hub NEXT (2024-2027): This project seeks to bring the existing ENVRI-Hub to the next level, improving access to environmental data and services by incorporating next-generation digital solutions and expanding its user base.

Explore these projects to learn how the ENVRI Community is pushing the boundaries of environmental science and contributing to a sustainable future.