EUFAR Airborne Science Webinar #6: An introduction to the NASA 777 for Earth Science Research

Welcome to the 6th EUFAR Airborne Science Webinar on the 28th of June, 2023.

The NASA Airborne Science Program supports the Science Mission Directorate Earth Science Division with modified aircraft capable of flying a variety of different kinds of instruments for observing our planet. Inlets, upward and downward ports and windows, onboard computing and satcom onboard these aircraft enable testing of new instruments, underflights of satellites instruments with well calibrated instruments, and collection of unique data to improve earth system models. The Program currently supports flight operations of the NASA ER-2, NASA DC-8, NASA G-III, GV, NASA P-3, NASA WB-57. In 2021 the National Academies of Sciences released a report recommending a replacement be acquired for the aging DC-8 flying laboratory. This past year NASA purchased a 777 that will provide a next generation flying laboratory with global reach to replace the DC-8.

This talk will provide an overview of this new NASA aircraft as well as providing an overview of other Program developments and an overview of science currently being conducted on NASA science aircraft in support of earth observations.

To register for this webinar please follow this link.

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