ENVRI Open Science Trek – Technological challenges of Open Science

Let’s talk Open Science!

In our last Open Science Trek video, we interview Daniele Bailo, a candidate for the Chief Engineer on our Open Science Starship.

Daniele is Computer science expert, with a deep knowledge of the technical challenges related to combination of multidisciplinary datasets to achieve open science. Daniele will explain the two main mistakes that occur when dealing with interoperability of open datasets, and will address main concepts for integrating multidisciplinary datasets.

Combining different datasets is not a trivial thing. Data is not vegetables, so we cannot simply mix them in one bowl to create a Data Salad. Why? Watch our video on May 7, 1pm CEST. 

Come, ask and comment on Youtube or on @ENVRIcomm Twitter channel using #OpenScienceTrek and #ShareEGU20 hashtag.


About Daniele Bailo

Born in 1978, Daniele started his earlier IT experiments with C64. Daniele is music enthusiast, great reader and seeker of good literature. He got a degree in Computer Science and Engineering and a PhD in Material Science. Daniele currently works as a computer scientist and Engineer on the EPOS Infrastructure Project at INGV.His expertise and topics of interest and include: scientific data formats and metadata standards for interoperability; interoperability of systems through standard web services; Research Infrastructures architecture design and implementation; coordination and team management.

Daniele is happy to answer your questions and discuss with you on Twitter, or later by email

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