Let’s talk Open Science!

In this Star Trek inspired video, we interview Wouter Los who shares his idea of Data Marketplace. To explain what is meant by Data Marketplace and why is it needed, he uses an analogy of competing starships, that end up in agreeing on sharing data (see the full story below).

  • How can competition and data sharing become harmonized?
  • Why do we need Open science?
  • How would a data marketplace look like?
  • Why is this relevant for Earth science?

Come, ask and comment on Youtube or on @ENVRIcomm Twitter channel using #OpenScienceTrek and #ShareEGU20 hashtag.

Watch the full video on YouTube – https://youtu.be/B-Xl2YTGMPI

About Wouter Los

Wouter initiated various developments in e-BioScience. He coordinated and participated in quite some European and international projects. The focus was mainly at environmental data services and data informatics, more specifically the establishment and development of environmental research infrastructures. He started initiatives for new research infrastructures at the national, European and global level. This resulted in a variety of activities resulting in currently established research infrastructures. Currently he is promoting the establishment of open data markets offering individuals, organisations, and governments, the mechanisms to control their own data, how they want to act in data sharing, and about collaborative opportunities. The EOSC is an example of a specific market sector in the developing ecosystem of open data markets.

The ENVRI Open Science Trek, the beginning (2)

The ENVRI community open science fleet is powered by ENVRI-FAIR project. ENVRI-FAIR has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 824068. www.envri.eu

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