The EC granted the legal status of ERIC to EMSO Research Infrastructure

On 29th of September, The European Commission announced the legal formation of the European Multidisciplinary Seafloor and water-column Observatory European Research Infrastructure Consortium (EMSO-ERIC). The eight founding countries (France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Spain, UK; head office in Rome) of the consortium lead the world in this level of ocean observing coordination. EMSO is [...]

New version of ENVRI Reference Model released

We are pleased to announce that version v2.1 of the ENVRI Reference Model has been released. You can find it at the well-known url http://envri.eu/rm. This version provides enhanced support for the requirements of the enlarged community of ENVRI Research Infrastructures as gathered during the Task 5.1 Requirements Collection and Analysis exercise (for more details, [...]

ENVRI cluster invites all the environmental RI communities to participate in our activities

  ENVRI cluster invites all the environmental RI communities to participate in our activities ENVRI cluster encourages all Environmental Research Infrastructure communities, which are not involved in our ongoing ENVRIplus project, but are interested in participating in ENVRIplus project activities, to apply for: The Associated Partnership to ENVRIplus project to create a clear and unambiguous [...]

Coordinator – ELIXIR Data Platform

EMBL/ELIXIR is are looking for a highly motivated individual with a strong interest in and experience of life-science data resources to join the ELIXIR hub as scientific coordinator for the ELIXIR Data Platform. The ELIXIR Data Platform brings together the life science data resources from ELIXIR’s national nodes and drives their integration and sustainability. This [...]

ENVRI RM v2.0 released today

Design towards interoperable environmental research infrastructures, ENVRI Reference Model 2.0 released today http://envri.eu/rm Design and development towards interoperable environmental Research Infrastructures, a primary goal of the ENVRI Community and the ENVRIplus project requires that we have a common language for discourse and a common understanding of the technical terms and concepts involved in building the [...]

Staff exchange call will be open until the end of 2016. Apply!!!

The Call for Staff exchange is open again. You can submit your proposals until the end of this year. To support its objectives, ENVRIplus launched an Exchange of Personnel (EoP) program to enhance cross-Research infrastructure mobility of dedicated RI staff. This program will help to disseminate the know-how of RI specialists and provide practical hands-on [...]

ENVRIplus Newsletter #2

Read about the latest news on the ENVRIplus project in the second ENVRIplus Newsletter. This issue brings six interesting articles as well as relevant news, reports, and event announcements. Read about: New: ESFRI Roadmap 2016 by Wouter Los - the article analyses the new ESFRI Roadmap from the Environmental research infrastructure point of view. Building the Environmental [...]

ENVRI community platform is finally here!

Welcome to the virtual meeting point for the ENVRI community! The ENVRI community platform will keep you informed about the latest news, guidelines, products and services developed by current and future projects serving the community. Click participate and register to become a member of our community. This will enable you to receive the latest news, use our online [...]