Who are we?

Understanding Our Planet: The ENVRI Community

The ENVRI Community is a powerful force for environmental research in Europe. We bring together a diverse network of partners and collaborators dedicated to advancing our understanding of the Earth system and addressing global environmental challenges.

Our Partners:

  • Leading European Environmental Research Infrastructures: These state-of-the-art facilities provide essential tools, data, and expertise across various environmental and Earth system disciplines. (Link to “Research Infrastructures” page)
  • Collaborative Projects and Networks: We foster partnerships with relevant projects supporting the collaboration within ENVRI and with networks, initiatives and organisations like the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC), Group on Earth Observations (GEO), or Copernicus. As leading environmental research infrastructures, we play a vital role in providing high-quality data to these initiatives. 
  • Dedicated Stakeholders: Researchers, policymakers, funding agencies, and other individuals contributing to or utilising our robust and inclusive environmental research infrastructure landscape.
  • Supporting e-Infrastructures: These infrastructures provide critical digital services, especially data management and analysis solutions that empower Research Infrastructures and researchers.

Our Mission:

We collaborate across borders and disciplines to:

  • Foster Synergies: We facilitate the exchange of expertise, best practices, lessons learned and innovative approaches. 
  • Drive Landscape Harmonisation: We work towards a more harmonised environmental research infrastructure landscape, minimising redundancy and maximising efficiency. This may involve co-location of stations, technical innovations, work on data interoperability, harmonisation of standards and access procedures across RIs.
  • Develop Joint Strategies: We advocate for a unified voice when engaging with stakeholders, including policymakers, funding agencies, and the public. By presenting a cohesive vision, we can amplify the impact and visibility of environmental RIs.
  • Champion Open and FAIR Science: We advocate for the FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable) principles for research data, fostering transparency, collaboration, and the long-term value of environmental research outputs.
  • Enable Innovation: We work towards establishing closer science-industry cooperation and contributing to the development of new technologies and services in support of the green transition.

Exploring Further:

  • Video: Watch Andreas Petzold, co-coordinator of the former ENVRI-FAIR project, discuss the ecological challenges faced by environmental RIs. (video)
  • Brochure: Download our latest brochure for a deeper dive into the ENVRI community and its activities. (brochure)
  • Learn More about our Research Infrastructures: Discover the diverse range of RIs within the ENVRI community.

We join forces to advance our understanding of the Earth system through a unified network of environmental research infrastructures, driving innovation and solutions for a sustainable future.

More about ENVRI community research infrastructures

The ENVRI community is overseen and strategically led by the Board of European Environmental Research Infrastructures (BEERi).
More about the BEERI

The collaboration within the ENVRI community is currently supported by several projects .
More about the ENVRI projects

How We Empower You & How You Can Contribute

The ENVRI community offers a wealth of services and opportunities for researchers, policymakers, industry, stakeholders, and the general public. Let’s explore how we can work together for a sustainable future.

What We Can Do for You:

  • Access Cutting-Edge Research Infrastructures: Discover the diverse environmental research infrastructures within ENVRI, which provide access to research and experimental facilities, state-of-the-art labs, and instrumentation.
  • Explore Environmental Data: Utilise the rich interdisciplinary datasets generated by ENVRI research infrastructures to inform your research and decision-making. The data will be gradually more and more accessible from the ENVRI-Hub
  • Benefit from Collaboration Opportunities: Connect with a network of environmental research professionals and explore potential partnerships. Contact ENVRI-hub NEXT PMO

How You Can Contribute:

  • Share Your Expertise: Join the collaborative environment and contribute your knowledge and experience to advance environmental research.
  • Advocate for Environmental Research: Champion the importance of research infrastructures in addressing environmental challenges, shaping policy decisions and fostering innovation.
  • Become a Member: Consider joining the ENVRI community as a formal member to actively participate in shaping its future.
  • Become a Provider: Contribute to ENVRI-Hub with your data and services Contact ENVRI-hub NEXT PMO

A Rich History of Collaboration:

Since 2011, the ENVRI community has been supported by several projects fostering collaboration within the European Research Area and beyond. Explore the “History” section of this website for more information on these initiatives.

The ENVRI Wiki: A Knowledge Hub:

The ENVRI wiki serves as a central platform for documentation within the community. Here, you can find valuable resources, best practices, and deliverables of past and ongoing projects. <<Link>>