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Dear Friends of ENVRI-FAIR,

You may have realised that we have already finished the first year of ENVRI-FAIR. I want to take this opportunity to thank you very much for the intense and very constructive work you have delivered during these 12 months. It is my true feeling that we have built a very cooperative community and that we are on a good way with our project. Let’s keep this spirit up.

We have achieved a set of very important milestones and delivered key documents for the project. All sub-domains have finished their FAIR assessments as planned and delivered their implementation plans. We had a successful implementation plan review workshop in Lund at the end of last year, and now the hard work of real implementation starts. This is the biggest challenge for this year. At the end of the year we have to present our progress in the midterm review meeting, but I am confident we will make a good performance. Be assured that the European Commission and the EOSC community have a very positive view on our project and we met all expectations. We will do our best to continue in the same manner.

Let me wish you all the best for the New Year – and the second ENVRI-FAIR year. And don’t forget to send us your wish lists for the project coordination! We are curious to hear your expectations and will work hard to fulfil your wishes.



Andreas Petzold
provides a personal perspective on the cooperation of ENVRI community and other research infrastructure clusters

The Clusters – it sounds like the name of a band, rocking the EOSC stages …

In the European Open Science Cloud ecosystem, the clusters of the ESFRI Research Infrastructures have evolved into key players when it comes to the provision of data and services to their research communities and integrating this to the use of the emerging EOSC infrastructure. The five ESFRI research infrastructures cluster projects span a broad range  ... Read the full article

Anca Hienola
provides a personal perspective on the communication (or lack thereof) between EOSC Working Groups and European Open Science Cloud development projects

Three years have already passed since the kick-off meeting of EOSCpilot – the first in a long series for EOSC projects that began the work to realize the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) vision. In the meantime, much has happened - more than 40 EOSC related projects have been kicked-off (as reported by EOSCsecretariat), the EOSC workplan for 2019-2020 has been published, the EOSC governance has been defined and implemented by the European Commission (EC), and the ... Read the full article

Ari Asmi
provides a personal perspective on the role of the ENVRI community in the development of European Open Science Cloud (EOSC)

When ENVRI-FAIR, the latest follow-up of the projects supporting the environmental research infrastructure (ENVRI) community was planned, I was asked to participate in the project coordination as a co-coordinator. The idea was to create some level of continuation of project management practices that has started with the ENVRIplus, and to share the responsibility of representing the project outside the Consortium. In the time I agreed, I have not fully realised how important it is to have a second ....Read the full article




The registration to ENVRI week closes soon (19 JAN)

Remember to use #ENVRIweek hashtag when you talk about the event on Social Media.


The registration site can be accessed here. By registering, you only confirm your attendance to ENVRI week. It does not secure you the accommodation. For more information about the accommodation, please go to ENVRI week page. Notice that the deadline for booking your hotel room within our block reservation has passed already, but it might be still worth to ask in the hotel for a room for the same price (89 € incl. breakfast). We cannot guarantee it anymore though.


An outline of the agenda can be downloaded from here. A detailed session agenda will be available soon.

Important sessions during the ENVRI week

Open ENVRI community meeting (especially important for the RIs not directly involved in ENVRI-FAIR)

The environmental research infrastructure landscape is evolving constantly. Moreover, not all the Environmental Research Infrastructures are directly participating in the ENVRI-FAIR project. The Open ENVRI community meeting aims at enabling dialogue and better facilitation of the project results beyond the project consortium and the participating research infrastructures. It aims at informing the community as well as new projects and initiatives emerging in the environmental landscape about the latest developments, highlighting how they can benefit from them. Last but not least, the meeting connects the community with other relevant initiatives and projects. 
More information about the meeting can be found on the ENVRI-FAIR website

First ENVRI-FAIR face-to-face training event

Target Groups

Data center staff (IT people with good grasp of metadata as such, but much less knowledge of ontologies, linked open data, vocabularies etc.)

Course goals

The course will give a good introduction into ontologies and how these can help “putting the I into FAIR”. Participants will understand key concepts of the Semantic Web and knowledge representation techniques and see different examples of ontology & vocabulary portals. The course will cover all ENVRI-FAIR sub-domains (atmosphere, marine, solid earth, and terrestrial ecosystem/biodiversity).

People interested to join should send an email to Ines Thelen (i.thelen@fz-juelich.de) until 19th January
Check out our website for the possibility of remote participation

Visit the ENVR-FAIR website for all the practical information and more information about all the meetings organized during the ENVRI week

Project news and reports

Project deliverables submitted so far by ENVRI-FAIR
  • D1.1 Organization of project Kickoff meeting, including a Steering Committee and a General Assembly meeting
  • D1.2 Project Internal Communication Tool
  • D1.3 Initial Data Management Plan
  • D2.1 Dissemination strategy for ENVRI-FAIR project
  • D4.1 Organisation of PWG - Membership, procedures for operation
  • D6.1 Inventory & gap analysis of FAIR training materials
  • D8.1 Atmosphere subdomain FAIRness Assessment
  • D9.1 Marine subdomain FAIRness roadmap
  • D9.2 Marine subdomain implementation plan
  • 10.1 Technical analysis and definition of implementation components for FAIR implementation of RIs in the Solid Earth subdomain
  • D12.1 POPD Requirement No. 1
All the deliverables are accessible on the ENVRI-FAIR website

ENVRI partner FAIRness training: gap analysis & future plans

Maggie Hellström, on behalf of WP6, shares a report on the recent activities as well as future plan within WP6.

....Work Package 6, coordinated by ICOS and Lifewatch, is tasked with providing relevant training to both ENVRIs and key ENVRI stakeholder groups. WP6 activities include many aspects of skills building, including analysing training needs and requirements, the preparation of relevant training materials, performing training events and operating the Common Training Platform....Read the full article


Remember to send your Wish list

The Project coordination team wants you to send them a list of wishes you have. To make it easy, everyone has three wishes. The wishes should reflect your motivation to work in the project and expectations for the next three project years. They can relate to the specific target to be reached at the end of the project, the thematic content, collaboration, workshops and meetings, etc.
The wish list should be specific rather than too general, so wishes like "we want to make our infrastructure FAIR" will not be considered ;-)

Please send your wish list by email to manager@envri-fair.eu by January 19. The Project Coordination team will collect your wishes and use them as a starting point for the discussions during the upcoming ENVRI week in February 2020, particularly in the session on Monday at 5-6 pm.

Events of interest


EGU 2020

The EGU General Assembly 2020 (organized 3-8 may 2020) will bring together geoscientists from all over the world to one meeting covering all disciplines of the Earth, planetary and space sciences. ENVRI community will be there as well. Do not forget the abstract submission deadline is on January 15!

ENVRI community related sessions at EGU2020

Open and FAIR data, infrastructures and research at EGU2020


RI-VIS (EU project for the increased visibility of research infrastructures) Africa-Europe Symposium 

Date: 22 MARCH 2020 - 24 MARCH 2020
This two day symposium will bring together staff from the European infrastructures and South African and other African research infrastructures and institutions who might be interested in collaborations. We also invite representatives from relevant funding agencies as well as policy makers to join. By bringing together the right people we hope to create collaborations and initiate networks in a sustainable way so that all stakeholders benefit. Visit RI-VIS website for more information.

RI-VIS Latin America - Europe Symposium

Date: 09 NOV 2020 - 14 NOV 2020. More information will soon be available on the RI-VIS website

International Conference on Research Infrastructures (ICRI)

September 30 – October 2, 2020 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

ICRI 2020 will bring together hundreds of policy experts, facility managers, leading researchers and a variety of stakeholders from around the world to meet and engage on challenges, emerging trends and opportunities around research infrastructure.This conference is by invitation only, so look for your formal invitation with registration information in the new year. More information about the conference can be found here.

Research Infrastructure events

  • EMSO Science Conference - Preparing for UN decade of Ocean science; Feb 12-14, 2020: info
  • ICOS Science Conference - Knowledge for shaping the future – understanding our earth's biogeochemical processes: Sept 15-17, 2020: info
Contact us for more infromation
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