This page gives an overview of and links to already submitted deliverables. It is important to notice that some of them might not have yet been approved by the European Commission.

WP1 – Project Management

  • D1.1 Organization of project Kickoff meeting, including a Steering Committee and a General Assembly meeting
  • D1.2 Project Internal Communication Tool
  • D1.3 Initial Data Management Plan
  • D1.4 1 st Updated Data Management Plan

WP2 – ENVRI-FAIR communications strategies and tools

  • D2.1 Dissemination strategy for ENVRI-FAIR project

WP4 – Common FAIR Policies

  • D4.1 Organisation of PWG – Membership, procedures for operation

WP5 – Common requirements and testbed for (meta)data services, community standards and cataloguing

  • D5.1 Requirement analysis, technology review and gap analysis of environmental research infrastructures

WP6 – Training and capacity building

  • D6.1 Inventory & gap analysis of FAIR training materials

WP8 – Atmosphere subdomain

  • D8.1 Atmosphere subdomain FAIRness Assessment

WP9 – Marine subdomain

  • D9.1 Marine subdomain FAIRness roadmap
  • D9.2 Marine subdomain implementation plan

WP10 – Solid Earth

  • 10.1 Technical analysis and definition of implementation components for FAIR implementation of RIs in the Solid Earth subdomain

WP 11 – Biodiversity and ecosystem subdomain implementation

  • D11.1 Biodiversity and ecosystem subdomain implementation short term plan