Executive board

ENVRI-FAIR Executive Board is the supervisory body for the execution of the project. The Executive Board will report to and be accountable to the General Assembly. Members of the Executive Board include the Project Coordinator and the Work Package leads, with co-leads serving as deputies to secure proper representation of all Work Packages at each single Executive Board meeting.

WP no WP name Role Name (RI)
WP1 Project Management Lead Andreas Petzold (IAGOS)
Co-Lead Ari Asmi (ENVRIplus)
WP2 Communication tools and strategies for ENVRI-FAIR Lead Magdalena Brus (ICOS)
WP3 Collaboration and strategy for the community development and its internationalisation Lead Paolo Laj (ACTRIS)
Co-Lead Sanna Sorvari Sundet (ACTRIS)
WP4 FAIR Policy Development Lead Helen Glaves (EPOS)
Co-Lead Ari Asmi (ENVRIplus)
WP5 Community standards and catalogue of services Lead Alex Vermeulen (ICOS)
Co-Lead Gelsomina Pappalardo (ACTRIS)
WP6 Training and capacity building Lead Maggie Hellström (ICOS)
Co-Lead Nicola Fiore (LifeWatch)
Co-Lead Jacco Konijn (LifeWatch)
WP7 Common Implementation and Support actions Lead Zhiming Zhao (LifeWatch/UvA)
Co-Lead Dick Schaap (SeaDataNet)
Co-Lead Daniele Bailo (EPOS)
WP8 Implementation Atmospheric Subdomain Lead Cathrine Lund Myhre (ACTRIS)
Co-Lead Damien Boulanger (IAGOS)
WP9 Implementation Marine Subdomain Lead Thierry Carval (EuroARGO)
Co-Lead Juan José Dañobeitia (EMSO)
Co-Lead Sylvie Pouliquen (EuroARGO)
WP10 Implementation Solid Earth Lead Garry R. Baker (EPOS)
Co-Lead Daniele Bailo (EPOS)
Co-lead Massimo Cocco (EPOS)
WP11 Implementation Ecosystems Lead Alberto Basset (LifeWatch)
Co-Lead Dario Papale (ICOS ECO)


Members of the Coordination Team and Executive Board have responsibility to:

  • Prepare the meetings, propose decisions and prepare the agenda of the General Assembly;
  • Seek a consensus among the Parties;
  • Collect information at least every 6 months on the progress of the Project, examine that information to assess the compliance of the Project with the Consortium Plan and, if necessary, propose modifications of the Consortium Plan to the General Assembly;
  • Support the Coordinator in preparing meetings with the Funding Authority and in preparing related data and deliverables;
  • Prepare the content and timing of press releases and joint publications by the consortium or proposed by the Funding Authority;
  • Any other tasks specified in the Consortium Agreement or required by the General Assembly.