ENVRI-FAIR training

Training within ENVRI-FAIR

Welcome to the web page for training within ENVRI-FAIR!

For an updated version of the ENVRI-FAIR training content, please check the ENVRI-Hub.

The training events and activities are organised with external trainers and teachers, as well as with trainers and teachers internally within ENVRI-FAIR. The themes and subjects for the training follow the needs and interests within the domains and the research infrastructures.

ENVRI-FAIR WP6 has regular contacts with the other work packages, and monitors the field of training in FAIR, to ensure that ENVRI-FAIR builds up relevant competence and capacities.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for training to be held, don’t hesitate to contact the core team of ENVRI-FAIR WP6.

WP6: Training and Capacity Building

The WP6 objective is to provide training to ENVRIs and key ENVRI stakeholder groups about:

  • the FAIR principles
  • how to implement them in RI services and data management activities at data centre level
  • how to evaluate the degree of implementation using FAIR metrics
  • relevant legal and policy requirements

WP6 is active throughout the whole project and includes 3 tasks, 3 deliverables and 7 milestones.


Task 6.1 Building Training Materials for FAIR Implementation (Leader: ULUND)
Task 6.2 Training RIs (in and outside of ENVRI-FAIR) implementation on data centres (Leader: LW ERIC)
Task 6.3 Legal and policy training of RIs on FAIR requirements (Leader: INGV)


Training materials

To facilitate and allow ENVRI data centres and RIs to easily search, discover and access the training resources, we designed and developed a training catalogue, which lists all metadata able to describe each single training item and a training platform, which includes all training materials.

20200724 screen capture of the ENVRI-FAIR Training Catalogue front page.

ENVRI-FAIR training catalogue

A training catalogue has been developed in order to allow ENVRI data centres and RIs to easily search, discover and access training resources. The catalogue is available at https://trainingcatalogue.envri.eu/

20200724 screen capture of the ENVRI Community Training Platform front page

ENVRI-FAIR training platform

For the ENVRI community training materials, a direct link to the specific resources on the training platform has been added in order to make available the resources to ENVRI data centres and RIs to help them implementing FAIR best practices in their data management. The platform is available at https://training.envri.eu/