ENVRI user story competition

The competition will be launched on May 17th, 2021!

How to enter

  1. Turn your Research Infrastructure services user story into a video.
  2. Post the video on YouTube.
  3. Please send us the link through the submission form by 31 August 2021 at 11:59 CEST

Who can enter

  1. Any user of the environmental research infrastructures services who is more than 18 years old (see the list of ENVRI community research infrastructures)
  2. Participants must go to the ENVRI community website,, during the Entry Period (17.5.2021 – 30.8.2021) and follow the onscreen instructions. Participant must produce a video that clearly demonstrates how she/he (possibly with other colleagues who are however not part of this competition):
    • used the services provided by any of the ENVRI community research infrastructures
    • how it benefited her/his science
    • why would she/he suggest others to use the services
    • the video must be using English as the main language

The video entry might take almost any form. A story told through an analogy? An animated cartoon? A Lego movie? A video incorporating your own original music or dance? An interview with contestant’s friends or colleagues? Some other format? The participant can decide.

What do we mean by Research Infrastructure services?

  • Have you used some of the services offered directly by the ENVRI community and participated, for example, in the Summer/Winter ENVRI school or Hack the Arctic hackathon?
  • Have you utilized the transnational access call opportunities by ACTRIS and visited one of their atmospheric stations in Europe?
  • Are you a marine researcher and you accessed one of the ships offered by EUROFLEETS programme?
  • Or maybe you are a marine biologist and you got access to biological samples that were made available by EMBRC?
  • Perhaps you did not go anywhere and simply downloaded the data from the Carbon Portal facilitated by ICOS research infrastructure?

Environmental research infrastructures offer a wide range of services including data services, access, computational and support services. You can learn more about them on the Services page. If you used any of these services, you are more than welcome to join the competition! If you are unsure if you qualify, contact the Research Infrastructure that provided the service to you, or contact us on [email protected]

The winner selection

Winners are selected based on a) artistic merit (how creative and visually appealing is the video) and b) scientific merit (how interesting is the story from the scientific point of view). Thus, the best videos not only insightfully reveal how the competitor used the infrastructure services, how it benefited her/his science and why would she/he suggest others to use the services, but also how successfully is this information transmitted to viewers, how innovative the content of the video is and how inspirational it is for the future users of the RI services.

The prize

  • The winner will receive financial support of up to 3000 EUR towards their research;
  • The first runner-up wins support up to 800 EUR;
  • The second runner-up wins a 200 EUR voucher for the purchases in the online book store.
  • Everybody who submits a video for the competition will receive an ENVRI-branded Rubik’s cube.


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