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European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2018 will be held in Vienna | Austria | 8–13 April 2018



The EGU General Assembly 2018 will bring together geoscientists from all over the world to one meeting covering all disciplines of the Earth, planetary and space sciences. The EGU aims to provide a forum where scientists, especially early career researchers, can present their work and discuss their ideas with experts in all fields of geoscience.

Important dates

  • Abstract submission:  13 Oct 2017–10 Jan 2018, 13:00 CET
  • Support application: 13 Oct–01 Dec 2017



ENVRIplus / ENVRI community activities

ENVRI community booth

community-copy20 Environmental Research Infrastructures decided to (again) join their forces, demonstrate their collaboration, pool the resources and increase their visibility by organizing a second joint ENVRI community booth. The booth will serve as a meeting point for the community, but also place where the science community can learn more about the Environmental and Earth system Research Infrastructures. The Research Infrastructures will present themselves and their services through the talks organized around the grand challenges. The final list of grand challenges, and most importantly, the booth agenda will be available on this page closer to the EGU.

Meet us at the same exhibition location as last year (booths 2&3, right next to the entrance to EGU venue). Contact us for further questions or requests.


ENVRI community-related sessions and Townhall meetings

  • GI1.6/ESSI2.8 – Environmental physical and data infrastructures: practices, access, and technologies (co-organized)

Convener: Ari Asmi  Co-Convener: Magdalena Brus

  • Session BG1.26 – Examples of cooperation among environmental research infrastructures: cross-domain and cross-scale interactions oriented to enhance decision making processes.

Convener: Francisco Bonet García  Co-Conveners: Philippe Ciais, Tina Dohna, Henry W. Loescher, Dario Papale

  • Session ESSI2.4 – Virtual Research Environments: creating online collaborative environments to support research in the Earth Sciences and beyond (co-organised with the American Geophysical Union)

Convener: Lesley Wyborn  Co-Conveners: Ben Evans, Helen Glaves 

  • Session BG1.37/AS5.9/ESSI2.5 – Using heterogeneous environmental data for system-level science (co-organized)

Convener: Zhiming Zhao  Co-Conveners: Keith Jeffery, Barbara Magagna, Markus Stocker, Paul Martin

  • Session ESSI2.9 – Integrating data and services in solid Earth sciences

Convener: Massimo Cocco  Co-Conveners: Carmela Freda, Florian Haslinger

  •  Session BG2.7/SSS13.6 – Managing biogeochemical cycles towards sustainable development goals under the 4 per mil initiative (co-organized)

Convener: Cornelia Rumpel  Co-Convener: Abad Chabbi

  • Session AS4.10 – Aircraft-based observation of the atmosphere and atmosphere-surface exchange processes

Conveners: Jean-Daniel Paris, Jean Sciare  Co-Conveners: Andreas Petzold, Andreas Volz-Thomas

Abstract submission

  •  Session OS2.5 – How integrated research infrastructures can support science and policy needs in coastal marine areas

Convener: Ingrid Puillat  Co-Conveners: Anna Rubio, Laurent Delaunay, Catherine Boccadoro, Felipe Artigas

  • Session OS4.6 – Advances in water column and seafloor fixed point observatories

Convener: Mairi Best  Co-Conveners: Martin Heesemann, Luisa Cristini, Richard Lampitt, Eric Delory, Sofia Alexiou

  • BG1.16 – Connecting Freshwater and Marine Ecosystem-Scale Mesocosm Approaches to Ecosystem-Scale Questions

Convener: Jens C Nejstgaard  Co-Conveners: Paraskevi Pitta, Ulf Riebesell, Robert Ptacnik

Town Hall Meetings

  • Opportunities to join international collaborative aquatic mesocosm experiments in H2020 AQUACOSM and more

Thursday, 19:00-20:00

Organizer: Jens C Nejstgaard

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