ENVRIplus Newsletter #2

Read about the latest news on the ENVRIplus project in the second ENVRIplus Newsletter.

This issue brings six interesting articles as well as relevant news, reports, and event announcements.

Read about:

  1. New: ESFRI Roadmap 2016 by Wouter Losthe article analyses the new ESFRI Roadmap from the Environmental research infrastructure point of view.
  2. Building the Environmental Research Infrastructure (ENVRI) community by Magdalena Brus, providing a brief history of cooperation within the Environmental Research Infrastructure (ENVRI) community. The article introduces the ways and tools to improve the communication and collaboration with the entire community, going beyond the ENVRIplus partnership.
  3. Learning science through serious gaming by Franca Sangiorgio,Sara Montinaro, Savina Gjoni – This article describes the concept of Serious gaming and how this concept will be applied for the ENVRIplus “Knowledge transfer” purposes
  4. How the ENVRI Reference Model helps to design research infrastructures by Abraham Nieva de la Hidalga & Alex Hardisty, explaining explain what is the ENVRI Reference model and how Research Infrastructures can benefit from it.
  5. VREs (Virtual research Environments) and ENVRIplus by Keith Jeffery and Helen Glavesdiscussing a concept of virtual research environment (VRE), its potential to provide researcher services across multiple Research Infrastructures, and how all of this relate to ENVRI community.
  6.  COOP+ project: Fostering systematic global cooperation among international Research Infrastructures Francisco Bonet García, introducing the newly funded COOP+ project, supporting a global cooperation of research infrastructures to address global challenges in the environment field.



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