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ENVRI is the community of the Environmental research infrastructures, projects and networks as well as other diverse stakeholders interested in the environmental research infrastructure matters


ENVRIplus Newsletter #2

ENVRIplus Newsletter #2

Read about the latest news on the ENVRIplus project in the second ENVRIplus Newsletter. This issue brings six interesting articles as well as relevant news, reports, and event announcements. Read about: New: ESFRI Roadmap 2016 by Wouter Los – the article analyses the new ESFRI Roadmap from the Environmental research infrastructure point […]

ENVRI community platform is finally here!

ENVRI community platform is finally here!

Welcome to the virtual meeting point for the ENVRI community! The ENVRI community platform will keep you informed about the latest news, guidelines, products and services developed by current and future projects serving the community. Click participate and register to become a member of our community. This will enable you to receive the […]


ICRI 2016

October 3 - October 5


October 23 - October 27