The last ENVRI week, organized in frame of the Horizon 2020 project ENVRI-FAIR, took place in Dresden, February 3-7, 2020. The event gathered together over 110 participants representing different ENVRI research infrastructures, as well as attendees from external organisations and projects collaborating with our community.

The main highlights of the ENVRI week were:

  • opening session, where five speakers gave opening plenary talks about the relation of ENVRI-FAIR and the ENVRI community and their position in the landscapes of EOSC and ESFRI, as well as in the global Research Infrastructures and FAIR initiatives.
  • Parallel sessions focusing on the work in different domains as well as the meetings of different cross-cutting task forces, discussing their respective membership, laying out their charters, and starting the planning of which topics to cover, a realistic timeline and potential outputs.
  • Meetings of the group discussing the policy landscape – this meeting discussed the domain level policies that need harmonisation – taking into consideration current developments in ENVRI-FAIR project, and assessing the current status of existing policies, and the implications for the individual Research Infrastructures of the different harmonised solutions.
  • First ENVRI-FAIR face-to-face (and virtual) training event focusing on Terminologies for ENVRIs took place during the ENVRI week – more information about the event and how you can access the recording can be found here.
  • Open ENVRI community meeting – its first session informed the research infrastructures not directly participating in the project about the mission and expected outcomes of the ENVRI-FAIR project and highlighting how they can benefit from the solutions and results that are being developed. In the second session, collaboration with EOSC-life, EOSC-hub and FAIRisFAIR was discussed.
  • BEERi meeting – this meeting gathered the directors of all the environmental research infrastructures to discuss: the mission statement and the vision for ENVRI community collaboration, community position paper towards the Horizon Europe, etc. The full report from BEERi will soon be shared through our community Newsletter.

Contact ENVRI-FAIR Project Management for more information about the ENVRI week.

ENVRI week photos

Photos by Ari Asmi

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