Andreas Petzold
Andreas PetzoldProject Coordinator
Project Coordinator is PD Dr. Andreas Petzold, co-coordinator of the European Research Infrastructure IAGOS. Andreas is based in Forschnungszentrum Jülich GMBH (FZJ). He is leading the Department for Global Observations at IEK-8.
Ari Asmi
Ari AsmiProject Co-Coordinator
The project Co-coordinator is Dr. Ari Asmi, previously a Director of ENVRIplus and Coordinator of the H2020 project RISCAPE. The Project Co-coordinator is a special position required to ensure continuation from ENVRIplus to ENVRI-FAIR
Katrin Seemeyer
Katrin SeemeyerProject Manager
Dr. Katrin Seemeyer is managing the ENVRI-FAIR project.

Administrative Support: Ines Thelen

Project Administration: Petra Insberg

Financial Administration: Claudia de Laat

Data Manager (Redmine): Ulrich Bundke