Maria Johnsson is member of the European group of FAIR Champions

The European Group of FAIR Champions (EGFC) is composed by scientific experts and “doers” in the field of FAIR data, carefully selected based on their individual merits and knowledge. The group works as an ambassador of FAIR by sharing FAIR implementation stories, enhancing synergies, contributing to training activities and webinars, and doing an effective cross fertilization with other communities, towards a broader engagement on FAIR.

Maria represents the ENVRI-FAIR project and broad ENVRI community as such. She provides advice on operational challenges, as well as promotes new policies to improve the adoption of policies for FAIR data which supports the EOSC and the FAIR data policy and practice. Her inputs will be included into the FAIR Landscape Analysis and white papers authored by FAIRsFAIR and of course in the implementation of ENVRI-FAIR as well.

I believe the FAIRsFAIR project is very innovate and focused on practical solutions for making research FAIR, that was my motivation for engaging and participating. Being part of European Group of FAIR Champions (EGFC) I am in really good company, with experts from many different disciplines and roles, this is very inspiring for me. I hope to be able to contribute with my knowledge and experience both into the different work packages of FAIRsFAIR and in the EGFC. The FAIRsFAIR project engages people from many different organisations, and this enables the project to really reach out to many researchers in Europe with its findings and outcomes. I plan to bring in regular reports from FAIRsFAIR into the ENVRI community, as soon as I have participated in some introductory FAIRsFAIR webinars  in April and May.

About Maria Johnsson

Affiliation: Lund University
Country: Sweden

Maria Johnsson is a Librarian at University Library,  Lund University, Sweden, specializing in services for research data management (RDM). Maria has also a part-time assignment for the European research infrastructure ICOS Carbon Portal. She has been working with research data management since 2014, in different projects and studies focusing on how research libraries can establish services for RDM. Maria has 20 years of experience as librarian/information specialist working with support to researchers in academic institutions as well as researchers in industry.



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