Hack the Arctic winning teams pulled out the data from different resources and delivered impressive solutions

After 48 hours of hacking, the Hack the Arctic event has come to a close. We were impressed by all the ideas, services orientation, and excellent visualization skills of the top 10 submitted projects. It was pretty amazing to see the amount of work that the hackathon participants put into this event, their ability to use the data from very different resources, ability to combine them and deliver such impressive results – well-done, everyone!

The event was also very useful from the perspective of the ENVRI-hub development. It helped us to better understand the user requirements for the interface for data access. The winning projects also inspired the future development of the ENVRI hub use cases.

For those who don’t know, Hack the Arctic was a 48-hr online hackathon open to anyone interested in using Arctic environmental data to develop a service or project. Over 300 people registered for the event and eventually submitted 27 projects responding to 5 different challenges:

  1. Map the Arctic data

  2. Science for policy-making

  3. Services for citizens

  4. Focus on Svalbard

  5. Arctic Haze

The Judges

The peer-review process by the Hackathon participants narrowed the list of 27 submitted projects down to 10, out of which the jury selected the top 3 winners.

The Winners

Here are the top 3 projects. Congratulations to the winners! You have done a fantastic job.

1st place: FiMaP3

The winning project of Hack the Arctic is! “To have” requires “to care.” The team built a concept design of Fisheries Management Policy Planning Platform (=FiMaP) for data-driven policy and decision making to protect the Arctic.


2nd place: Map the Science – Focus on Svalbard

The second place goes to Map the Science – Focus on Svalbard, an application to “map the science” currently undertaken around Svalbard, making it possible to interact with the corresponding data.


3rd place: The Breakdown of Arctic Development (BAD) Atlas

The third place of #HacktheArctic goes to The Breakdown of Arctic Development (BAD) Atlas, a web tool for tracking resource extraction.



Congratulations to the winners and all the participants for a fantastic event.

All the other projects are accessible here.

The sponsors

We want to thank ICEYE for the monetary prizes for the top 3 teams and one on-demand ICEYE satellite image for the winning team.

We also thank Heureka, Taiga Chocolates, and participating organizations for their goodies.

The participants of Hack the Arctic were also able to claim study credits for their participation in our event.

The partners

We want to thank all the partners for their support in mentoring the participants and providing access to the various datasets used for the projects. 5 ENVRI community research infrastructures provided their data and support of their mentors – thank you!

In more detail, we would like to thank: Claudio D’onofrio (ICOS), Maggie Hellström (ICOS), Giulia Saponaro (ACTRIS), Cathrine Lund-Myhre (ACTRIS), Dariusz Ignatiuk (SIOS), Leda Pecci (SeaDataNet), Jaana Bäck (eLTER) and Marjut Kaukolehto (eLTER) fro your involvement in the organization of this event.

The ENVRI-FAIR project partially funded the event. The project received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 824068.



Contact Magdalena Brus for more details about the event.

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