eTraining and Capacity Building Officer at LifeWatch to work on ENVRI-FAIR

Job description

JOB TITLE: eTraining and Capacity Building Officer

PURPOSE: Contribute to the ENVRI FAIR WP 6, being in charge of the organisation and realisation of all LifeWatch ERIC activities, and to the development of the eTraining and eLearning activities of LifeWatch ERIC in charge to its Service Centre based in Lecce.

LOCATION: LifeWatch ERIC Service Centre premises in Lecce (Italy)

POSITION: Full-time, max 24 months

COMPENSATION: 35.000€ – 40.000€, according to the qualification, as the contribution to be delivered to the ENVI FAIR project (Grant Agreement no: 824068)

Main accountabilities

I. S/he will work under the supervision of the Service Centre ICT Coordinator, with the overall coordination and responsibility of the Interim Director of the Service Centre, which also coordinates the participation of LifeWatch ERIC to the ENVRI FAIR project;

II. S/he of and directly report to the Service Centre for the continuous development of the LifeWatch ERIC Official eTraining and eLearning Catalogue and Platforms and for the quality check and development of the training material, with reference to the activities of the ENVRI FAIR WP6; 2

III. S/he will develop and implement eLearning initiatives;

IV. S/he will develop and implement eTraining and will manage distributed eTraining activities (courses for the use of the infrastructure, training oriented to the professional re-qualification);

V. S/he will organize training activities in presence, such as the Workshops/Schools/Events conducted on-demand in order to deliver the specific/customised LifeWatch ERIC training planned in the ENVRI FAIR WP6;

VI. S/he will be responsible of all the tasks related to the training activities in the projects where LifeWatch ERIC is involved, when it wouldn’t be in conflict with the activities required for the WP6 of the ENVRI FAIR project;

VII. S/he will contribute to implement modules, portlets, services and tools according to the needs of the scientific community and of the distributed National nodes of LifeWatch ERIC;

VIII. S/he will collaborate actively with the whole staff of LifeWatch ERIC, under the overall coordination and responsibility of the Interim Director of the Service Centre.


More info is available here

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