EPOS ERIC call for tender: Website, design & maintenance

CALL FOR TENDER: Website, design & maintenance

Launch: 01 July | Close: 18 August 2020

Download the Call for tender official document

Download the Annex 1_Technical Requirements

Download the Annex 2_Communication and Graphic Specifications

Download the Annex 3_Draft of Contract

Download the Annex A_Declaration on Honor

Download the Annex B_Tender submission form


  ► Purpose of the tender

The purpose of the present tender is to select a supplier to be engaged in the design, development and maintenance of the new EPOS Research Infrastructure’s website.

  ► Award of contract

The contractual amount for the service shall be identified in maximum EUR 40.000,00 (forty-thousand). The contract will be awarded to the most economically advantageous tender.

  ► Schedule

The tender is open from the 01st of July to the 18th of August, 2020. Tender submission and schedule of the work are as follows:

Launch of the Tender 01/07/2020.
Close of the Tender 18/08/2020.
Evaluation of received tenders and selection of the awarded Tender 31/08/2020.
Signature of the Contract / Start of assignment 01/09/2020.
End of the assignment 30/06/2021.

  ► Contact person

Information and any question regarding the tender should be submitted to EPOS ERIC Administrator:
epos-eric@pec.it (Italian Tenderers) or
administration@epos-eric.eu (Foreign Tenderes)
and in copy to:
EPOS ERIC Executive Director, Mr. Massimo Cocco (massimo.cocco@ingv.it)
EPOS ERIC Scientific Officer, Ms. Carmela Freda (carmela.freda@ingv.it)
EPOS ERIC Administrative Officer, Ms. Diana Piras (diana.piras@epos-eric.eu).

  ► Contracting organisation


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