Dear ENVRI community!

The SARS-CoV2 epidemic currently sweeping Europe and the world also affects climate research. Find ENVRI’s official statement on Zenodo, or download it here!

On an initiative of the Board of European Environmental Research Infrastructures (BEERi), to keep the community informed about how COVID-19 has impacted our various research infrastructures we have also sent out a special newsletter. The contents can be found here:

As we know with climate change, global problems require global solutions, which again require accurate knowledge. The current situation poses many exceptional challenges, but many research infrastructures have stepped up and put their capacities to good use in the fight against the virus. These efforts can be found below.

Stay safe!



Research Infrastructures and COVID-19 Research

ERF-AISBL publishes a review on working practices of analytical facilities during COVID-19 pandemic


RIs against COVID-19 pandemic

✦ European Commission

First “ERAvsCorona” action plan: short-term coordinated research and innovation actions



The role of environmental RIs in the context of the current COVID-19 crisis


The research potential of the EUROCHAMP-2020 simulation chambers on the COVID-19 outbreak


IAGOS Statement on Coronavirus

✦ LifeWatch ERIC

LifeWatch ERIC working on COVID-19 epidemiology and data support services

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