AQUACOSM-plus Call for Transnational Access improving synergies between AQUACOSM and JERICO

ENVRI community is pleased to publicize the Announcement of Transnational Access of AQUACOSM-plus European project on MEDIMEER infrastructure. This marine in situ mesocosm experiment, which will be carried out in the Pilot Supersite of North-Western Mediterranean Sea, will also serve to improve synergies between Jerico-S3 (Marine coastal observatories, facilities, expertise and data for Europe) observing community and AQUACOSM-plus mesocosm experimenting community.


It is opened from 09 February and will be closed on 26 February (13h CET).


The call includes Transnational Access 8 additional marine and freshwater infrastructures.

Further information can be found on the AQUACOSM-plus project website.

Full details of MEDIMEER facility and the Transnational Access available are available here.

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