A provisional schedule of Eurofleets+ funded cruises is now available

A provisional schedule of Eurofleets+ funded cruises is now available for 2021 and 2022.  Following two Transnational Access calls there are a total of 20 cruises confirmed and provisionally scheduled over the next 2 years.  One survey has already taken place in 2020 utilising the University of Gothenburg’s Hugin AUV on a cruise in the Kaikoura Canyon in New Zealand.  13 cruises are scheduled for 2021 and 7 for 2022.

Geographically, the cruises are dispersed throughout the Eurofleets+ regions with 8 taking part in the North Atlantic, 6 in the Mediterranean Sea, 2 in the Black Sea, 1 cruise in the Baltic Sea, 2 in the Pacific Southern Ocean and 1 in the Ross Sea in the Antarctic.  22 pieces of EF+ marine infrastructure are being made available to marine scientists throughout these regions (18 RVs, 2 ROVs and 2 AUVs).  The scientific disciplines include marine biology, physical & biological oceanography, geology, climate dynamics to name just a few.

There are Co-PI and RTA opportunities available on all cruises – more information on the Co-PI and RTA access programmes are available on our website. https://www.eurofleets.eu/access/

Vessel & Marine Equipment Survey Name Study Area Location
UGOT Hugin AUV Focus-Auv Geology, Marine Biology, Sedimentology Kaikōura Canyon, New Zealand
Arni Friedrikson SENERGY Marine Biology North Western Iceland
DANA GSHARK Marine Biology Bredefjord, Greenland
Celtic Explorer PORO-CLIM Climate dynamics, Geophysics, Sedimentology, Training NE Atlantic (Rockall, Eriador Seamount; Porcupine; East Thulean Rise)
GO Sars_ROV Aegir BENCHMARK Marine Biology, Physical Oceanography Denmark Strait
Sanna GLICE Biological Oceanography, Biogeochemistry, Physical Oceanography Disco Bay, West Greenland
Thalassa_ROV Ariane OASIS Geology, New technologies, Marine Biology, Physical Oceanography SE Alboran Sea
Pelagia iMAR Biological Oceanography, Geology, New technologies Mid-Atlantic Ridge inside the Portuguese EEZ of the Azores
Mare Nigrum SLOGARO-II Geology, Geophysics, Sedimentology, Training Danube Fan
Aranda CABLE Biological Oceanography Gulf of Finland, Baltic Proper
Tubitak Marmara PHYCOB Biological Oceanography Western Black Sea
SOCIB GRASSMAP New technologies, Marine Biology Mallorca and Cabrera islands
Belgica II_AUV Barabas GRACE Geology, Geophysics, Physical Oceanography, Sedimentology Ceuta Canyon and adjacent areas (West Moroccan Mediterranean margin).
Aegeo MYRTOON Climate dynamics Eastern Mediterranean, SW Aegean Sea, Myrtoon Basin
Vessel Name Survey Name Study Area Location
Pelagia CALYPSO Physical Oceanography Alboran or Balearic Sea
Tangaroa VISIT Geophysics East coast of North Island, New Zealand
Sanna IOPD Biogeochemistry,  Climate dynamics,  New technologies,  Marine Biology,  Polar Biology,  Training Godhabfjord, Ameralik fjord and the shelf area connecting these fjords in Nuuk, Greenland
Belgica II TalPro2022 Physical Oceanography Algero-Provencal Basin, Sicily Channel, Tyrrhenian Sea, Ligurian Sea
Sarmiento de Gamboa SINES Biogeochemistry Northeast Atlantic, Western Iberian Margin.
Laura Bassi ICON Climate dynamics, Deep Sea Research, Geology, Geophysics Hillary Canyon, Ross Sea, Antarctica
Atlantic Explorer FIGURE Biological Oceanography, Biogeochemistry, Microbiology, Physical Oceanography Gulf Stream (NW Atlantic)


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