Hands-on Workshops and Training events for Research Infrastructure staff

/Hands-on Workshops and Training events for Research Infrastructure staff
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Working for the Research Infrastructure? Choose the training or WS that would fit your needs

ENVRI week will host three Hands-on Workshops and Training events during the 6th ENVRI week. The events are tailored to different staff working in the Research Infrastructures.


1. Training/Workshop for RI Management staff focusing on how to build a sustainable governance and funding model for your research infrastructure;

2. Communications Workshop, organized for RI communication managers/officers. The WS will focus on sharing best practices and boosting the cooperation with industry by improving RI communications strategies;

3. Workshop for the RI station managers / Station Principal Investigators to share their experiences, challenges, and solutions on operating RI site.


For more information about these three events, either visit this page or download this brochure.

You can attend these events by registering for 6th ENVRI week