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Past Projects

ENVRI – Common Operations of Environmental Research Infrastructures (2011-2014)


The central goal of the ENVRI project was the implementation of harmonised solutions and drawing up guidelines for the common needs of the environmental ESFRI projects, with a special focus on issues as architectures, metadata frameworks, data discovery in scattered repositories, visualisation and data curation.

ENVRI was funded through the EU 7th Framework Programme.

COOPEUS – Strengthening the cooperation between the US and the EU in the field of environmental research infrastructures (2012-2105)


COOPEUS project brought together scientists and users being involved in Europe’s major environmental related research infrastructure projects, i.e. EISCAT, EPOS, LifeWATCH, EMSO, and ICOS, with their US counterparts that are responsible for the NSF funded projects AMISR, EARTHSCOPE, DataONE, OOI and NEON. The intention was that by interlinking these activities new synergies are generated that will stimulate the creation of a truly global integration of existing infrastructures.

COOPEUS was initiated in 2012 through the FP7, the US effort followed in 2013 with funding from NFS.


Nordic ENVRI – Research infrastructure network of Nordic Atmospheric and Earth system science

Nordic ENVRI is a network project of researchers and research infrastructure coordinators who are engaged in the planning and construction of the Europe’s major environmental Research Infrastructures (ACTRIS, AnaEE, ICOS and SIOS) . Nordic ENVRI is funded by NordForsk.