The Third issue of ENVRIplus Newsletter is out

3rd edition of the ENVRIplus Newsletter is now ready. This issue gives an overview of several ENVRIplus results and products as well as relevant news and events. We hope you enjoy reading it! Current Newsletter together with all the previous issues is available at: http://www.envriplus.eu/dissemination/           Links to Newsletter articles: A summary of consistent [...]

Nordic ENVRI workshop on Arctic RI collaboration took place in Svalbard

The 5th Nordic ENVRI workshop was organized at the University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS) in Longyearbyen from 5th to 7th of September 2016. The core topic of the meeting was Arctic research infrastructure collaboration and the workshop gathered altogether 35 participants representing different Arctic RIs, initiatives and programmes. Three different main themes were discussed during [...]

Two job offers at ECMWF for Copernicus CAMS and C3S

The European Center For Medium Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) opened two interesting positions 1. Systems Architect - Copernicus Production 2. Scientist - Modelling Arctic Processes Both located at the European Center For Medium Range Weather Forecasts · Forecast Department United Kingdom, Reading Closing Date: 12 December 2016 More information about both positions can be found [...]

The EC granted the legal status of ERIC to EMSO Research Infrastructure

On 29th of September, The European Commission announced the legal formation of the European Multidisciplinary Seafloor and water-column Observatory European Research Infrastructure Consortium (EMSO-ERIC). The eight founding countries (France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Spain, UK; head office in Rome) of the consortium lead the world in this level of ocean observing coordination. EMSO is [...]

New version of ENVRI Reference Model released

We are pleased to announce that version v2.1 of the ENVRI Reference Model has been released. You can find it at the well-known url http://envri.eu/rm. This version provides enhanced support for the requirements of the enlarged community of ENVRI Research Infrastructures as gathered during the Task 5.1 Requirements Collection and Analysis exercise (for more details, [...]

ENVRI cluster invites all the environmental RI communities to participate in our activities

  ENVRI cluster invites all the environmental RI communities to participate in our activities ENVRI cluster encourages all Environmental Research Infrastructure communities, which are not involved in our ongoing ENVRIplus project, but are interested in participating in ENVRIplus project activities, to apply for: The Associated Partnership to ENVRIplus project to create a clear and unambiguous [...]

Postdoctoral Research Associate working on the ENVRI Reference model

    The University of Edinburgh, a partner organization in ENVRIplus, is looking for a Postdoctoral Research Associate working on the ENVRI Reference model Applications are invited for a Postdoctoral Research Associate in distributed research infrastructures as part of the EU Horizon 2020 ENVRIplus project. We are working with 23 ESFRI strategic research infrastructures to advance methods of [...]